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New Approved AA Literature: Many Paths to Spirituality

The Alcoholics Anonymous General Service Organization has released a new pamphlet addressing the needs of alcoholics who may have trouble with the concept of a higher power, but want to be part of AA and who seek to benefit from the strengths of the program as they strive to achieve recovery.

Kudos to the GSO!

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Note: The embedded document is Copyright © 2014 Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc. 475 Riverside Drive New York, NY 10115.


Q-Buzz Trifecta Shows the World Just Ain’t Fair: Smith, Osbourne and Bush

Alcoholics in the News Today:

Music Review from UW Oshkosh’s AdvanceTitan.com: Out of the throes of addiction to alcohol and heroin, Elliott Smith produced heart-rendingly beautiful melodies and lyrics before committing suicide in 2003.

Memoir Review from The Week: Born-again Christian George Bush quit drinking in 1986 and went on to wage war against imaginary enemies in foreign lands resulting in very real tragedy – casualties include hundreds of thousands of human beings, global financial systems, and the Geneva Conventions.

Genome Mapped: Ozzy Osbourne, known as the “Prince of Darkness” during his Black Sabbath days, survived alcohol and drug abuse/addiction for over forty years apparently by virtue of an extraordinary genetic constitution. Despite his crass and rude behavior, he seems to actually be kind of a peach.

Gail Caldwell Remembers Friend Caroline Knapp

Let's Take the Long Way Home Gail Caldwell remembers her friend and fellow alcoholic writer Caroline Knapp in this lovely book, let’s take the long way home. A must read!

Read the full review on Salon.

Gail Caldwell is the chief book critic for the Boston Globe…(read more from Wikipedia.)

Caroline Knapp wrote Drinking, A Love Story, which recounted her 20 year battle with alcoholism. Although she won that battle, she died of lung cancer in 2002.