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Study: Housing Helps Homeless Alcoholics Drink Less

The 1811 Eastlake apartment building in Seattle

The 1811 Eastlake apartment building in Seattle houses homeless alcoholics without requiring them to stop drinking.

Fairly obvious study, although the important distinction is that the study looked at programs that did not require alcoholics to completely stop drinking in order to stay in the shelter.

After two years, “everyday” drinking was cut by about 50%. Impressive.

A Little Extra Help to Stay Sober: Google Alerts

Google Alerts

Google can even keep you sober!

Google alerts can give you a little extra help staying sober. Setting up a daily alert for “alcohol” will put an email in your inbox every day providing you with hundreds of news articles articles from around the world describing drunk driving accidents and deaths, health-related effects of alcohol and alcoholism, etc. – basically a daily rundown of the mayhem that alcohol brings to the world. Be sure and check “news” for “type.”

Setting up an alert takes five seconds. You can do it here.

I also have one set up for “alcoholism.” Other suggestions?