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“Original” Big Book Manuscript Being Published by Hazelden

The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous

A woman identifying herself as "Carol W." holds the Big Book, the basic text for Alcoholics Anonymous, at a meeting in Seattle in this June 10, 2010, photo. (John Lok/The Seattle Times/AP Photo)

More than 70 years after the publication of the Alcoholics Anonymous “Big Book,” which provides the framework for the AA program including the twelve steps, Hazelden is publishing the original manuscript as written by co-founder Bill Wilson. This original manuscript contains far more and more overt references to Christian doctrine than the originally published version, which was intended to reach a more diverse religious audience. While some criticize the existing AA program as presented in the published literature as being far too Christian already, this new publication shows the original thinking behind the program.

ABC News report on the publication of the original manuscript

AA Original Manuscript Shows Debate over Religion from

Gail Caldwell Remembers Friend Caroline Knapp

Let's Take the Long Way Home Gail Caldwell remembers her friend and fellow alcoholic writer Caroline Knapp in this lovely book, let’s take the long way home. A must read!

Read the full review on Salon.

Gail Caldwell is the chief book critic for the Boston Globe…(read more from Wikipedia.)

Caroline Knapp wrote Drinking, A Love Story, which recounted her 20 year battle with alcoholism. Although she won that battle, she died of lung cancer in 2002.

Alcoholics Anonymous doesn’t work for everyone — and that’s OK

For those of you interested in the Dr. Drew/Lindsay Lohan dust-up, and the larger question it opens up re AA’s status as the government-mandated treatment program of choice. Just to pre-empt an often true, but ultimately nonproductive line of reasoning, let’s try to move beyond the simplistic “if it doesn’t work, you’re not doing it right” tautology. Comments?

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LA Times, Opinion
July 30, 2010
Amy Lee Coy